Here is an insight into what our community says about us.


megan piccardi

Age 30
Alesha, Director of Building Elite, is a first class coach. Alesha has helped me achieve so many goals (personal and in the gym) that I didn’t think were possible. Alesha has been there for me through countless Half marathons & powerlifting comps. Building Elite is a community full of so many strong supportive women & I am so grateful to be apart of team Building Elite!


Jasmine Pannu

Age 21
I've been training with Alesha since 2017 and the things I have achieved under her guidance blow my mind every day! I came in with a myriad of health issues that are no longer and issue and I'm the fittest and strongest I've ever been - physically and mentally.


Anita Hu

Age 29
I started training with Building Elite late 2017 and hands down one of the best trainers I have ever had. Alesha is really passionate and highly motivated about helping people achieve their goals. She really knows her stuff! She has helped me establish my fitness goals and fix my injuries, going on to compete in a powerlift competition, enjoy running and now mastering social rockclimbing.


meg peterson

Age 28
I've been training with Alesha since August 2016, and she has helped me to achieve things I never thought possible. She is an amazing trainer who tailors my programs depending on what my specific goals are. So far in the last 12 months, she has helped me to compete in two powerlifting competitions, one full marathon, and I am preparing to run in my second. These are all goals that I never would have had the confidence or strength to achieve without her guidance.


Zenia Wood

Referring Exercise Physiologist

Alesha Pimm is incredible, not only as an Exercise Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, but more importantly as a mentor, support person and a friend. Her attention to detail is what sets her apart and she is exceptional at mastering the basics and ensuring the body is functioning optimally. She is a true professional and lifts the standards of the fitness industry which is why I have already recommended her to friends for training.