Elite Movement Camp | Begins Feb 20, 2019

Over the years, fitness fads have asked us to perform some very obtuse movements. Over my years of research, education, training and coaching, which is creeping up on 10 years, there have been few methods that include simple and effective drills that ask the body to move in as many planes as it is capable of!

We have loaded layer upon layer on our bodies (weights, movement patterns, lifting equipment, expectations), adapting along the way to become immobile, tired and sore beings.

Our bodies are not moving as they can and should be.

Whilst we might be in a world of trouble as a society, YOU don’t have to be.

We have designed our newest outdoor training program, Elite Movement Camp, with inspiration from the areas of Animal Flow, Pilates and traditional strength training. Our focus is on you as an individual moving and nourishing your body from the ground up - literally.

We begin each session on the ground, stretching and getting our joints mobile, before moving through some beautiful yet challenging stretch flows. We optimise work capacity with 25-35 minute circuits, working towards postural and core strength and towards body weight strength milestones, including but not limited to chin ups and handstands. We then follow this up by a 5 minute meditation to improve recovery capacity and invite our rest and rejuvenate nervous system to take over before getting back to every day life!

Altogether, our Movement Camp sessions will take you out into the great outdoors for 50-60 minutes twice a week.

Our goal is to breaking the stigma that the only beneficial strength training you can do is inside a gym by overloading with external weight and sacrificing the movement your body is capable of doing.

For more information, visit our Instagram or Facebook page, or sign up online here.