The Power of Community

I'd like to say that I'm not overly surprised at the influence ELITE Squad training on Saturdays has on PBs and changes to mindset, but I genuinely am surprised at the extent. It's priceless. If anyone watched the sessions, you could clearly see I shouldn't [won't and couldn't] take the credit for the atmosphere and support #TEAMBUILDINGELITE generate. I kinda just stand and yell stuff. The group does it all..

That's because squad training is not about me - coaching has never been about me or my abilities. Building Elite isn't even about me and I hate that some marketting funnels suggest using myself as a 'draw card' [I feel that's a topic for another space, though.. ]. The atmosphere in our squad training comes down to the community-feel and the unspoken standards of those involved. It comes down to a mutual respect for each individual and their goals, as well as respect for the process of reaching them.

Community is such a big part of why Building Elite came into fruition. I grew up in a pretty cool neighbourhood with kids of a similar age, where we would adventure outside, make mud pies, walk dogs, make cubby houses in the gardens and get bitten by all sorts of weird things - mainly mosquitoes and the odd spider. We'd be that semi-roudy but well-kept bunch o' kids who'd chill on the grass footpath on weekends. We adventured, we connected, we had fun and that was how we stayed active. I grew up making my own playground out of whatever was around.

When I moved onto Club and Representative softball at about 14 years old, I wound up in this great community of people who accepted everyone and appreicated your capabilities regardless of what they look like. As an unspoken law, we always spent the majority of Saturday at the diamonds, with about 20% of the time actually playing the sport.

As everyone does as they grow up and start full time work, etc, I stopped playing and started missing the feeling of connectedness. I went into a phase of life that didn't necessarily have a 'community', unless you counted work as that. I had friends in separate groups and we did things, but nothing as wholeheartedly supportive and identifying as I'd had before. Uni came along - that gave me a community, but unspoken values in that group were... well, not what I was used to haha. So coaching started giving me an avenue to connect people - to help others reach out to like-minded, awesome people who wanted to live a better life, regardless of what that looked like to them individually. And to me, it gave me the same thing - this group of awesome people to hang around all day.

It's only now, as I scroll through social media or look around my home gym and see how far Building Elite is reaching that I stopped and did some reflecting on why this has taken off like wildfire. I found some cool stuff...

Community is defined as "a group sharing common charcteristics or interests, and perceive itself to be distinct from the large community in which it resides".

Strength training is at our core of the Building Elite community. It drives a strong mentality - the feeling of competence and confidence. Strength training allows you to break free of your thinking [if you accept the challenge to..] and break down some barriers and expectations you've held yourself to. Doing that in a group setting holds you accountable to persisting with that.

“Sense of community is a feeling that members have of belonging; a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group; and a shared faith that members’ needs will be met through their commitment to be together"

It's not just commonality in what we do that brings us all together. It's the feeling of belonging to something bigger than just you. The feeling that you and your goals and achievements matter to someone else - and the constant support you can find within arm's length of you. It's 100% the idea that you could climb this mountain alone, but who would you share the view with?

While Squad training is a great event for me to draw on and highlight the benefits of, there are 3 broader things that we (the Building Elite gals and myself) have been able to identify as the reason things escalate so quickly when we introduce the Building Elite vibe!

  1. Accountability
    Someone to report to, a friend to train with, someone to learn from. Whatever it is for you, accountability is rampant within a team environment. The standards of the group with define whether it is healthy competition, all for one, or a completely supportive environment.
  2. Borrowed Motivation
    In the words of one of our own "Group training is like motivation on steroids!". Distraction from the weight of the challenge, a fun environment can get you out of your own head about the fear and the difficulty of the
  3. Support & Belief
    "I will never give you something I don't believe you can do. It will challenge you and make you question the standards you hold yourself to, and push you, but I believe you are more than capable."

At the end of the day, a community is something you cannot put a price on.

Do you have the right support for your goals and desires?