Be Strong, Be Elite, Be You.

For coaching that has your back and adapts for YOU, go to a real person.

Exercise IS NOT one size fits all. A coach will be able to see your movement, know something isn’t right (or is brilliant), and find a way to fix/work around the issue. If something works well, take advantage of that strength while building the weakness. What is slaughtering individuality, productivity and progress is the sea of online, prep, strength and conditioning coaches who have completed a course or competition themselves and/or understand the fundamentals (note that it appears both are not necessary), write a generic program, throw together some marketing and deliver to the masses, take your valuable resources (time, money, energy) and let you go on your merry way…

Until you no longer are on your merry way. You are doing a program that probably isn’t tailor-made for you, or your goals, training history, injuries, likes, dislikes. You may not be seeing progress. You may feel a drop in accountability. You may not feel motivated or driven or you just may not enjoy it.. most of all, though, you are not reaching towards your actual potential.

A rough example – I recently took on a new client from a popular physique gym. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but results so far in my career tell me I do things well.. I couldn’t necessarily see anything wrong with the training this client had been through, simply highlighted there was limiting tightness in certain areas that made a parallel squat impossible. I worked with them on mobility of calves, hamstrings, glutes and anterior shoulder capsule, and put a box underneath them (for confidence more than anything), and BOOM.

“I never thought I would squat with a bar on my back… ever!”

A week later, we have just hit 3×8@55kg very smoothly.
Whilst having the perfect physique is fine for some, at the core of it we all want to feel capable, strong, empowered – females (and males, too) associate this with a specific look. Or diet, or lifestyle.

Go explore the worlds of fitness available to you, take what you can from each avenue – lessons, techniques, inspiration – and collaborate what you enjoy. Be the person who reintroduces individuality into your world and doesn’t copy cat someone else..


  • No, you cannot get this kind of individualised, personalised service from a free program.
  • No, long term results will not come from a generic free program.
  • Yes, you must invest in yourself to reep rewards


YOU must see the benefit in the investment before its full effect will be felt.

YOU must see the twinkle of potential your individual nature possesses

YOU must see that one size does not fit all, and you have to find that person who will hold true to that.

“Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are always right” – someone wise

Allow yourself to be strong; allow yourself to achieve; allow yourself to be inspired; allow yourself to do exactly what makes your heart happy. Whether that fits the mould or goes against it is not valid – whether it goes against your best interests is more important.