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My goal is to help you create a life-long love affair with movement..

I originally began coaching because I knew there was a gap in how people were being coached and a bigger gap in what information we were being given. Knowing I couldn’t change the entire industry, I started coaching friends and family - working on changing the world around me - by educating them on better ways to train, eat and think. After 7 years, I have helped hundreds of women with strength, fitness, body compositional changes and mindset, and coached Queensland and Australian-level athletes. But none of it came easy and this is my platform to share part of my story and some themes I’ve grown from.

For the first four years of coaching, I thought I was destined to not make it, because I didn’t have a magical beginning to my story and to Building Elite. You hear all over social media people becoming personal trainers because a PT changed their life, or because fitness changed their life, or because sport is their life-blood and now they want to impart that on others.. People would ask why I started coaching and proceed to stare intently hoping for a story of magical enlightenment, complete with fireworks.

But for me, all I knew for sure was that I had value to bring to people’s lives. A health professional of some sort - someone leading people away from pain and into a better life. I knew that I always wanted to be hands on and communicating with people face to face, and that my role would have an element of education, as well.

The part I find quite ironic about now being a performance and health coach is that I didn’t do Phys Ed at school, or elite level sport, nor was I ever really that sporty. Like, I played netball and softball but not very well (laughing at the memories as I type this..). Having finished high school, I deferred my acceptance to The Uni of Queensland for Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (BESS) and began working as a personal assistant in an insurance brokerage in Rockhampton. I am a HUGE cheerleader for young people, or any one, really, who wants to take some time away from a commitment like study or work to reboot themselves, learn new skills and grow, and I feel that developed through my gap year.

Over the last several years of coaching, I’ve nurtured that cheerleader part of me that just wants to support everyone in what they want to achieve. Seeing the magic that movement can wield over mental health and injury, and how it brings communities together, I’ve devoted more time that most imagine to developing platforms to bring more movement to more people. I don’t have the financial backing to promote it all over every platform and I’ve definitely made unideal choices that have kept those resources from reaching as many people as I would like, but I’ve learnt from those and know this year is going to be different.

While I could continue talking about the cool things I’ve done over the years and opportunities people have entrusted to me, I’m not going to. Because more important than the specific situations that we’re given are the lessons we’ve learnt over that time - the concepts we’ve grasped, if you will.

  1. Trust your ‘no’ response

    We all have very well developed bullshit radars. Even if you feel like you attract bullshit, it exists. Some of us have just developed the ability to listen to it straight away. If you’re body is given you a big fat red X on an activity, meeting, conversation… say no and walk away from it. You don’t need to burn bridges or hurt people’s feelings, but that anxiety you’re feeling is there for a reason. By getting in tune with mine, I’ve attracted people who want to engage with the message and energy I

  2. Nuture a support system who really gets you

    Over the years, I’ve made the same choices as everyone else and chosen to surround myself with people who invite judgement, comparison and unhealthy competition. Spending the time to nuture the relationships that are really valuable to me has been imperative to my growth as a human being, coach, business woman and to Building Elite.

  3. You are not the smartest person in the room. Even when you think you are.

    The old say ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room’ does not resonate with me. We can learn something from everyone we meet. Learn to listen and encourage conversation. You do not have to agree with them, but have empathy and develop an understanding of other opinions. We can learn something from everyone we meet.

  4. Do not waiver on your personal power.

    For me, I found my power was supporting, nurturing and speaking honestly. For my first few years of PT I thought that was the opposite of what people wanted. I thought I had to be a Commando trainer, always on task, never really conversing and always pushing people incredibly hard. I’ve nurtured my power of conversation and honesty and I am the most content version of me in 27 years.

  5. Choose your mentors wisely.

    The last one for me is so important. I’ve chosen mentors now who don’t harbour all of the elements of life and business I want to mimic but I’ve chosen to lean on their influence for individual characteristics.

    They are a mix of famous people and normal people based in Brisbane, because relatable. I would LOVE to hear who yours are!

    My Mentors:

    Brene Brown & all of her content, incl. this one (duh!)

    Steph Gaudreau & Harder to Kill Radio

    Emma Morris @ Unrefined_healthandwellness

    Renee Ludlow @ Dauntless Performance

    + a million other clients and friends.

My ultimate goal is to help people nuture a life-long love affair with movement - be that through elite sport, amateur competitions, rehabilitating an injury or just generally moving and finding something they enjoy.

If this resonates with you, please comment & share. I would also like to offer any readers their first 2 SESSIONS @ 50% off - buy one, get two.

xx Alesha

Motivation | It starts with your goal

Motivation | It starts with your goal

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