Building Elite was founded with the determination to create strong humans through movement training & cultivation of health habits.

Our aim is to inspire a life long love affair with health, which starts from building a solid foundation of movement; strong relationships with food, mind and body; and being a part of a strong community.

We have a myriad of options to choose from to help you better your health, well being and physical performance, and achieve sporting success.



Whether your goal is to get fit or lose some body fat, we have a coaching option for you. Under guidance of our Head Sports Scientist, your training is in the best hands.



We have extensive experience priming athletes for their best sports performance. From triathlons and endurance running, to field-based team sports, to powerlifting, our structured programs can assist you. 



Knowledge is power. Our coach development programs are designed to educate and empower your coaching staff on the ins and outs of strength and conditioning to ensure athletes are becoming their best athletic selves.

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When it comes to recovery, we’re a bunch of chooks with our heads cut off. Generally Speaking. Here are 5 easy tips on how to optimise your recovery & performance!



We know that reviews & word of mouth is often what brings people into our business, so we have compiled a list of our members’ experiences for you.
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Meet Alesha Pimm

Head sports scientist

Here you’ll meet our founding Director & head Sports Scientist, learning her story, why Building Elite came to be & why other’s well being is at the forefront of her long term plan.

One on One Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching option provides you with the piece of mind that your performance and wellness is in good hands with weekly accountability and motivating training session.

Inclusive of:
Complementary 1-hour Initial Consult & Technique Assessment
A reliable, weekly training time
Regular Goal Setting & Assessment
Individualised Programming
Nutritional Resources
24/7 Email Support


Powerlifting (Training & Competing)

With a coach experienced in competing and coaching, trust us with your powerlifting preparations.

Commitment Required:
12 or 16 Week Preparatory Period
Minimum 1x Weekly training session with a coach

Inclusive of:
4-Day/Week Programming for Duration of Prep
Weekly Video Analysis & Lift Feedback
Competition Day Handling
Nutrition Resources


Sports Performance Coaching

We work closely with individual athletes and sporting associations across Brisbane and Queensland to provide:
Speed & Technique Training for Field Based Athletes
Upskilling for Coaches on Strength & Conditioning
Performance-Based Workshops
Resources for Immediate Application